Our Customers

A few words from our customers 
We have been blessed with a successful business now for many years and we could not have gotten to where we are without our incredible customers. It's been said that most can define their career largely by the people they're surrounded with.  If this in fact, is the case, it explains why we've been able to maintain such a great customer base throughout the years.  We truly believe our customers are second to none so we thought it would be nice to share a few of their thoughts below.
Russell James Gobble, Via Facebook 

"DRS is the best in the business! If u need anything done on your computer these guys can do it.  I have been using them for my business and my home for more than 25 years."

Russ Gobble,  Customer for over 25 years

Brenda Loudermilk, Via Facebook 

"Visit Jordan or any of the staff at DRS Technology  for all your computer needs.  If it be repair work or a new computer, this is your place.  They go above and beyond and I have used them numerous times.  They are HIGHLY recommended!"

Brenda Loudermilk,  Repeat  Customer

Melvin, Board of Education, Mount Airy City Schools


As a member of the Board of Education of the Mount Airy City Schools, I want to thank you for the fine job that you have done and are continuing to do in the technology area of our system.  Your knowledge, your promptness, and your dedication all add up to give our system a very "top of the line" service that we would have an extremely difficult time finding elsewhere.  Also, the assistance that you have provided in helping me get computers for my children and myself has been most appreciated.  Your prompt delivery, set up, and orientation has been most helpful.  Thanks again for all that you have done and what you are continuing to do.

Board of Education
Mount Airy City Schools

Jim, Owenr, Shumaker's Furniture


Thanks for all the work you have done on our network. You must be doing something right, Our network hasn't even "burped" since you came and got it ready. I must say, I was a little worried, after all, it's been many years since you originally put it in and I figured with it being so old, it might give me problems come the first of the year (millennium). I appreciate you keeping our technology up-to-date throughout the years, and look forward to the future with your help.

Thanks again,

Larry, Vocational Director, Mount Airy City Schools


Just wanted to let you know, since 1989 when you installed our very first network and with all of the networks you have installed since, I must say the quality of the products you sell and the level of service you provide has been excellent. I know this goes against some of the larger school system's philosophy of buying "name brand" computers and getting the "big boys" to do their computer work, but I wouldn't trade with them for a minute (and  wouldn't want their technology bill). Frankly I don't know how you keep up on all the changes in technology the way you do, but I'm glad you do. Congratulations on your new endeavors, I know you will do great.


Robin / Jane, Jones Elementary School Mt. Airy


We appreciate your friendly manner and your quick, competent response to all our computer needs throughout the school, especially in the media center and computer lab.Thanks so much.

Jane, Media Specialist
Robin, Computer Technician

Donna and Marty, Owners, Lewisville Motors


Thanks so much for the work you've done on our Network.When you came in and got our shipping system up and going, I meant to tell you how nice it is to find a Network Specialist that knows what he is doing. I am so tired of paying people to come in and learn how to do their job on my time.

Anyway, It was on my mind and I thought I would drop you a note.

Give me a call when you get a chance.  I need to purchase a couple more workstations for the office.

Lewisville Motors

Mickey, Rescue Chief, Dobson Rescue Squad

Hey Don,

Thanks for the quick response in setting up the internet and fixing our backup problems on our Computer system. Everything has been working great since you were here last.  It sure is nice to finally find a computer "geek" that knows what he is doing at a fair price. You can count on my business from here on out.

Dobson Rescue Squad

Fred and Chris, Surry Electric Motor Company


The network you installed for us is working great.  I love being able to print invoices from the sales counter now and it is saving me a ton of time on the end-of-day paperwork. Drop by the next time your over this way and we'll go to lunch.Thanks again,

Surry Electric Motor Company

Sylvia, SIMS operator Mount Airy City Schools

Hello Don,

I was just sitting here playing on the Internet on my new computer and decided to try out my new Word Processing skills and write you a letter.  In all seriousness I love my new computer and am beginning to see that what you said was true, (that anyone can learn to use a computer if they just sit down and spend some time on it), although I don't know what I would have done if it weren't for the training session you gave us when you came and installed it.

It really has been a blessing and thank you so much for being so patient.


 Bill and Marie

"You were so kind and patient with us!  But come to think of it, we have dealt with four of you there at DRS, including Don, and you are all very helpful.  Your support is so valuable!  We bought our last system from your company and will certainly buy the next one there also."

Bill and Marie