Let's Make This Simple...

We're very proud of how competitive are pricing is compared with the average cost of quality IT service. We also don't charge to do a diagnostic on your computer. This means you're not at risk of being stuck with some unexpected bill if you decide to bring your computer or laptop in to have it checked out. Our prices are laid out below. If you have any further questions, please reach our to us any time through our contact form.

In Shop Repair

  • All devices brought in to our shop for repair are billed at $75 an hour for labor costs.

On Site Labor

  • If we come out to you and do repair work it is billed at $95 to cover time & gas.

Web Services

  • Web hosting and site maintenance is combined into a 39.95 a month charge.

Remote Support

  • We offer remote IT service through Avast Cloudcare for Business at a reduced cost.